How to Enable All Tabs Preview in Firefox 4

Firefox 4 beta version is out with new features and improvements over the previous version. We have covered on how to customize Jump list for Firefox 4 in Windows 7 and also disable Tabs on Top Feature in Firefox 4. Firefox 4 has another feature called List all Tabs which will display the thumbnails of all the open tabs in a single window. You can navigate to any tab or close any tab from this window. This is very similar to the CTRL + Tab function.

To enable “List all Tabs” feature, open about:Config by typing in the URL bar. Click the “I’ll be Careful, I promise” button. This will open the Firefox 4 config file. In the filter, type alltabs as the search term. You can see the option “browser.allTabs.previews” option. Initially the value for this is set to false, double click the option to make it true.

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