Google Translator Client for Windows – Transmiti



License: Freeware | OS: Windows | Language: English | Size =750 KB |

Generally whenever you encounter words of sentences which are not of your language, you open the Google or any other translator and then try to convert it to your language. Transmiti is a new freeware tool for Windows which is a Google Translate client. Transmiti makes it easy to translate any word to your language with a click of a button. You can simply select a text in any application or window and press the Windows key on your keyboard to pop up a small dialog with the translation.

You can select text from any application or documents and simply press the windows key and Transmiti will popup a new box with translated text. Transmiti works with all languages that are supported by Google and offers automatic bidirectional translation of the source- and the target-language.

You can select the language to which it needs to be translated using the settings.


  1. No installation needed. No administrator- or power-user rights needed.
  2. All languages are supported, to which the Google Translator is capable of.
  3. Optionally, the selected text will be replaced directly with the translation.
  4. Automatic bidirectional translation of the source- and the target-language.
  5. Single words or phrases can be searched in the “Google dictionary”.

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