Customize Windows 7 Logon with Logon Assistant

Logon Assistant

Windows 7 by default does not provide any option to customize and tweak the logon screen. Logon Assistant is freeware tool for Windows 7, which is portable as well, and allows you to customize the look and feel of Windows 7 logon screen. The utility comes with lots of tweaks to change logon screen. Some of the tweaks include logon message and text, change branding, remove shutdown option, last logon details etc.

The app comes in two version- transparent and non transparent.

Some of the feature include;

  1. Make user to enter Username while logging on – You will need to enter username and password both for login
  2. Display Last Logon Information on Logon – It will display your last logon Information of current Windows on Logon
  3. Login with Smart Card –  It makes you to Insert Smart Card to login
  4. Can remove Shutdown Button from Logon – It will remove Shutdown button from logon
  5. Change Button Set
  6. Add a message on Logon
  7. Turn Branding Logon On and Off – A logon which appears on logon such as of “Windows 7 Ultimate”. It is able to turn on and off it

The app needs to be run in administrator mode for changes to take place.

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