Add Extra Layer of Security to Windows with Smart PC Locker

Windows |  Freeware | English | 1.3 MB

Although Windows has lots of options available to protect you PC from unauthorized usage by locking if it is in idle mode, Smart PC Locker Pro adds an extra layer of security for your Windows PC. Smart PC Locker Pro is a lightweight and powerful application available in portable version as well and is designed to lock your computer and all its functions so that no one can access your personal data, you can now move away from the PC safely. There are couple of useful security features bundled with the app.

You can set a password for the app and then lock the PC. It shows a password prompt other than the default Windows password prompt. There are options to shutdown the PC if there are three invalid password attempts. You can start the app with Windows as well, so the protection is ensured even if user shuts down PC.

There is also an auto lock feature in case of inactivity detected. There is a Stealth Mode that allows user to hide the Smart PC Locker tray icon, it can be restored with an easy to use hotkey. The usage of Smart PC Locker is also extremely easy, just one single mouse click allows you to immediately lock the system.

It can disable the CD ROM, Task manager and lock the PC. You can also set custom wallpaper when the PC is in locked state using the app.

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