Find out the Security Status of your PC

| Windows | EXE | 5 MB |

PC security is one of the important aspects you should always think of as there are millions of malwares, spywares and viruses which can cause problems to your PC. You are using Windows and want to know the security status of your PC, then probably you can try out the free tool OPSWAT Security Score. OPSWAT Security Score is a freeware app for Windows that scans your computer for the status of your installed security applications and provides a score along with recommendations on how to improve both the score and the security of your device.

The security score is divided into different sections like Firewall, file sharing, disk encryption, anti virus, back up, anti phishing etc.

The tool is portable and you just need to run the app and it fetches the details. If your score is not good in any particular section, you can click on the ratings on how to improve them.

OPSWAT’s score calculation is based on security industry and market research reports, over ten years of expertise in the security field, and feedback from leading security technology vendors on the relative importance of the categories and status of security software.

Download this free tool and check the security status of your Windows.


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