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Android Magazine (Issue # 15) – August 2012

| English | PDF | 100 Pages | 40 MB |

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Google Glass Tech Specs Revealed, MyGlass App Debuts

This is a big week for Google and Project Glass. According to several sources, those in the Glass Explorer Program are now receiving email notifications about device shipments, while Google also posted the technical specifications of the device for the first time.

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Google Launches Tool to Determine Data Use After Your Death

Google will allow users to decide what happens to their data after they die or become inactive online, the first major company to deal with the sensitive issue.

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8 Google Reader alternatives for your PC | News & RSS – CNET Reviews

Google Reader will be shut down as of July 1, but never fear. Here are eight desktop and laptop alternatives to keep track of your favorite Web site updates.

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Download Photos Shared on Google+ in Full Size


Google+ has been adding more and more features ever since it was first open to registration. The latest feature to come to Google+ is the inclusion of ability to download photos shared on Google+ in full size. The technical lead Google+ photos has shared the details on this. The option to download the photos will be available for all photos shared unless the user has explicitly disabled this feature in his or her account.

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Google Translator Client for Windows – Transmiti



License: Freeware | OS: Windows | Language: English | Size =750 KB |

Generally whenever you encounter words of sentences which are not of your language, you open the Google or any other translator and then try to convert it to your language. Transmiti is a new freeware tool for Windows which is a Google Translate client. Transmiti makes it easy to translate any word to your language with a click of a button. You can simply select a text in any application or window and press the Windows key on your keyboard to pop up a small dialog with the translation.

Google Music Downloader for Firefox [Add-on]


Google Music is a service which allows you to upload your personal music collection and access it instantly on the web or any compatible device without the hassle of wires or syncing. Google Music Downloader is a new Firefox add-on which allows you to download any song from Google Music. You can simply right click on any playing song and select Download song option from the Firefox context menu.

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