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How to Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

Windows 8, the latest OS from Microsoft, was released in October last year and has come up with mixed reactions. While many users were satisfied with Windows 8, many did not like the way Microsoft changed the start menu and removed the start button. After the release of Windows 8, most of the new laptops and desktops are shipping with Windows 8 as the primary OS.

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Create a Cover Photo for Facebook similar to Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 has one of the most important feature in terms of the start screen with new features and totally new UI. While many users have complained about the new start screen, we have to accept the fact that it is way more usable than the traditional start menu.

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Change Windows 8 Start Screen and Logon Screen Background Wallpaper


License: Freeware | OS: Windows8 | Language: English | Size =108 KB |

Windows 8 start menu and the logon screen has the same color background and this option is not changeable in the developer preview build, although you can do it with registry and other tweaks. Windows 8 Start Tweaker is a freeware app for Windows 8 which lets you change the start screen background wallpaper as well as the logon screen background color.

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How to Automatically Logon to Windows 8


We have covered the various logon methods available in Windows 8 including the picture password and PIN Logon. You can also set to automatically logon to Windows 8 when you boot Windows. This feature was available in Windows 7 as well. To automatically logon to Windows, you need to permanently set the password. This has the disadvantage that anyone can easily log into your PC without typing the password.

Windows 8 Start Menu Gadget – Switch Between Windows 8 & Windows 7 Start Menu


We had covered tools like Metro Controller, Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle and Metro UI Tweaker to switch between the Windows 7 style start menu and Windows 8 style start screen. We have another app, this time a desktop gadget for Windows 8 which lets you switch between the two start menus. This gadget lets you switch between the start menus with a single click.

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How to Create a Picture Password in Windows 8


Windows 8 has many new features including the Metro UI start screen and new Windows Explorer. It can be also noted that the Windows 8 is also touch optimized as we have already seen it in the demo from Microsoft. One of the new features added for touch optimized devices (also available for normal desktops) is the Picture Password.

How to Create a PIN to Log into Windows 8


Windows 8 has many new features and one of them is the way you can log into the OS, we have already covered how to use a picture password to log into Windows 8 if you are using touch enabled device. There is another option in Windows 8 to logon using a PIN. The PIN logon is similar to PIN in credit cards and other bank accounts. You can specify a PIN for logon for your account instead of a password. PIN is a better way to logon for a touch enabled device. To set a PIN, open the new control panel and select Users.

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